Caring of Your Kitchen Accessories

Cleaning Method
A soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient to clean your accessories. If more thorough cleaning is required use one of the following cleaning solutions.
A fresh solution of dish washing liquid mixed with warm water.
A mild all purpose cleaner not containing ammonia / silicon / chlorine family salt.
Use the mildest cleaning solution that will successfully clean your accessories.
After cleaning wipe all surfaces with a clean damp cloth and dry immedietly using another soft, clean cloth.

Spills and Splatters
Clean spills and Splatter and immediately. Prolonged exposure to spills including food, water, oil and other wet liquid can cause rusting.

Regular Dusting
Use a clean, soft cotton cloth for regular dusting. Do not use aerosol products made for dusting

Avoid Moisture Damage
Moisture in Kitchen Cabinet not used for long durations may cause rusting and hence the kitchen need to be cleaned with soft cloth on regular basis if not in use. Avoid drapping damp cloth or dish towels over kitchen accessories, this may cause permanent damage such rusting, pealing of plating.

Regular Greasing
For best result practice regular greasing of sides.